Yay, I’ve got new music to share with you! “Rewind (feat. J-SCHRO) Deakon remix.”

“Rewind” is one of my favorite tracks from my “Kid Heart” album — and a lot of you told me the same thing. The feedback I always got on it though was that it was too short. So I’m super pleased to be able to offer up this remix that was brought to life by my good friend Deakon. Deakon is a remixer and beat producer extraordinaire here in the Los Angeles area. He has helped turn “Rewind” from a quiet little track to something much, much more. Most importantly, I invited my friend J-SCHRO to bring her amazingly beautiful voice to sing some new parts. I predict this girl is going to be your favorite new voice when her own album comes out.

Until then, please give this tune a listen and let me know if you feel the vibe. I hope you enjoy it and share it with your friends!