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Los Angeles KROQ DJ Nicole Alvarez loves my song Made

Ok, so the way this went down is… Steve Rennie the manager of the band Incubus has a website/blog wherein he interacts with indie musicians. I heard about his site so I posted the video for my song Made ( on his site in June, 2012.  Steve saw it and loved it so much that he made it his Video of the Week. ( That was cool!

Then earlier today (7/24/2012) Steve invited KROQ DJ Nicole Alvarez to his webcast show and she happened to gave a stunning review of my song and video.  In case you don`t know, KROQ is pretty much the taste maker for alternative rock not only here in Los Angeles, but in the United States.  So she`s a pretty big deal.  The original footage of that interview is located here:  The spot where Nicole talks about me and my song is nearly at the end around minute 52:00.

I am always extremely grateful when someone likes my music.  So I`m basically stunned and stoked at the same time for even appearing on the radar of music insiders like Steve Rennie and Nicole Alvarez.

If you would like to tell Nicole that you like my song Made, you can visit her on twitter:

Thanks again, Steve & Nicole.  God bless you both. 

Recording my 2nd Album: Day 21 – Recording the gospel choir

I was lucky enough to get some incredible choir singers courtesy of a Gospel Choir from Pasadena, California.  DeReau K. Farrar is the choir`s artistic director who I`m working with on several of my songs.  I`ve had several of those goosebump moments already from DeReau`s vocal arrangements. He and his crew have been simply awesome.

Here`s a sneak preview of my un-mixed, un-mastered, but in-process new song Rise


More to come!!!…

Recording my 2nd Album: Day 14

Only two weeks in and I`m already experimenting with ghostly, noise-making musical saws!  Who knew that anything can be turned into an musical instrument? (Not that it should, mind you!)  Still, my trip to Home Depot yielded this unlikely track.  Gotta add auto-tune on this thing next, ha ha! Just kidding! 

Anybody need a Halloween soundtrack?  I`m available!  :)