Monthly Archives: September 2012

Date Night

Only the best for me and Mrs. O on our weekly date night.  I got Carl`s Jr.  She got Subway.  Table for two near the soda machine!











Recording my 2nd Album: Day 87. Vocals & Bass on That`s All Right, Adonai

I spent today recording vocals and bass for a brand new song to be included on my forthcoming 2nd album. This album is called That`s All Right, Adonai. (Pleases ignore the fact that I sing `that`s tonight, Adonai` on this snippet.  I changed the lyrics after the fact.)  My very talented friend Goran Rista joins me again for some killer drums.  Goran records his parts at his studio in Miami, Florida at  My choir friends are back as well (  I hope you enjoy this quirky snippet of my recording day.  It`s a little a lot rough around the edges, but hopefully you like getting this sneak peak of what I`m up to on Day 87 of recording my second album!

The body is gone

Even if the world doubts the miracle you saw,
the grave is still empty. The body is gone.