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Acoustic version of Made on the Steve Rennie RenmanMB show

A couple of weeks ago, put the Artist Spotlight on me. They`re a webcast that spotlights indie artists who are making a difference and whose motto is D-I-Y. Do It Yourself!

From the RenmanMB show: ToddO really knows how to wear multiple hats as an artist, and in today`s world, it`s become a viable path to success. ToddO has already released his first EP titled, `234567EP,`and he is already back in the studio working on his second album. ToddO found some time away from recording to stop by the RenmanMB Studio, where he and his choir singers charm us with an acoustic rendition of his original track, `Made.` 















What if Dog the Bounty Hunter used my song

Dog the Bounty Hunter is a full-on Christian whose show would be perfect for one my tunes, don`t you think?  Come on, Dog!  Check out how Hallelujah Chorus would sound as one of your promos!!  Call me!! 


Hallelujah Chorus acoustic live

I got to perform a couple acoustic songs on Renman`s show.  Here`s Tamra, Jyvonne, Ronnie and me doing Hallelujah Chorus:


ToddO on the Renman Show

I have the honor of being interviewed and playing 2 songs on the Renman Music and Business show today. (  Steve Rennie is the manager of the band Incubus who also has gotten into the vlog-o-sphere recently interviewing high-level music industry peeps as well as up-and-comers like yours truly.

 Watch it live Jan 21, 2013 10:00 Pacific.  Or it streams at will after that on:

Playing Made then getting thrown out of Starbuck

This is me and the band singing a little of my song Made at a very non-appreciative Starbucks in Beverly Hills, Calif. Half-way through the song the told us to stop filming. Then half way through the second song (not filmed) they told us to stop singing. All that even AFTER I had asked permission from one of the baristas. No matter, this was just a pit stop on our way to tape a segment on the Steve Rennie show: