Monthly Archives: October 2012

Day 119 – rehearsing and recording the gospel choir

Today the the choir joined me in my home studio again to record choir parts for two songs: We Will Win and You Really Love Me. I am extremely excited about these tunes especially since the choir sessions with DeReau Farrar turned out so great and everything is sounding amazing. Watch this video as we rehearse prior to recording and then listen to a rough version of the We Will Win chorus at the end.

Check out Dereau K. Farrar`s website:


Day 116 Acoustic guitar with Eddie Harrison

Today, my good friend and musician Eddie Harrison joined me in my home studio to lay down some acoustic guitar. We worked on two songs: We Will Win and You Really Love Me. Sneak peeks coming soon. The song used in this video, however, is Daddy`s Broken Down Car. Hope you all enjoy it!

Me and Lee Bridges

Nothing`s better than getting some Mexican food with a kindred soul talking about God, music, family, and more music.  Hangin` with my good friend Lee Bridges who mixed every song on my debut record 1234567 and is currently mixing my second album.  In addition to mixing some huge, big-time records like MercyMe, Lee also invented Worship Band in Hand which is a terrific app that every worship leader in the world needs to check out.















Day 95 of recording my second album. Let the trumpets sound

Today I had Bill Dalo in to the studio to record his trumpet parts on my new song `That`s All Right, Adonai.` Bill had done an amazing job on `Who is This?` earlier this year and so he was my first choice for this new record.  Check out these neat Instagram snaps JenniferO took of the process. And I put together a little video showing how the session went.