Monthly Archives: January 2012

Equipment I use in my studio

- Mitchel D10 Acoustic Guitar
- Fender Telecaster Electric Guitar
- Fender Jazz Bass
- Fender Ukulele Hau`oli
- Ernie Ball Strings
- Nuemann U87 Microphone
- Nuemann KM184 Microphone
- Neve 1073
- Teletronix LA-2A Classic Leveling Amplifier
- Lynx Aurora 8 Converter
- Reaper ($60.00 – don`t let the price fool you…it`s an awesome DAW)
- Standard Dual Core Laptop with Windows 7
- Adam AX7 Monitors
- A whole treasure trove of VST plugins

- Flip UltraHD
- Adobe After Effects CS5.5
- Adobe Premiere Pro CS4
- Adobe Photoshop CS4

Listening Suggestions

You may know exactly what song(s) exemplify the ToddO sound; you may have arrived here due to hearing a song that you just have to get your mitts upon. 

- OR -

You Have No Clue Where To Start
Don`t feel like wading around panning for sonic gold?  Ah, fine.  I`ve created this Listening Suggestions page just for people like you.  I know that over time there is going to be more and more music posted, so I`ve taken the time to cull the following short lists of Must-Hear songs by ToddO to save you time.  Yes, that`s what I`m here for.  To save you time.

In a brooding mood?

Who Is This? (2011 version)

In a happy kind of mood?

Freedom in You (2010 version)


(Obviously much more to come on this page once I release more music.)

On Christian Music

There is a lot of Christian music that I love. And some that I do not love. For example, I love Chris Tomlin. I have seen him live a few times and have purchased several of his albums. Obviously, in church we play the requisite number of his hits. Still, the world only needs one Chris Tomlin. Any more than that and it`s too much. I hate hearing copycat artists because those people remaking or rehashing other people`s music are individuals in and of themselves — which is inspiring enough — which is good enough — and they have unique voices and artistry to add to the body of music just as Chris Tomlin or Bono or anyone else does. We are all beautifully made by God Himself. The question is how much do we tap into that reality or believe something else. So how can there be such sameness in Christian music when God is so diverse and creative? Truth be told, I have struggled in the past with mimicking my childhood musical heroes — U2 — most of all. While they remain one of my favorite iconic bands, these days I do not care to recreate anything that sounds like them or anyone else other than ToddO. All I do is try to be myself in as much as I am capable.

Short post

This is an example of me being a little on the quieter side. I ain’t got much to say today except, I’m real proud of this video I made for “Who is This?” Please watch it.