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Music and Lyrics by TODDZERO
Copyright 2013 – Hemsililly Publishing (ASCAP)

What would it be like to come back to life?
It’d be strange to lay there thinking, “My watch is ticking now, now, now.”

Well, the box is nice, but a little tight
And the grave can’t contain you when the Maker gives you life… life… life

They maybe lay your body to rest
But the beating heart inside your chest says…

You’ve come to life again
You know, you know
You can start again

Your legs shake a bit… maybe need to sit
When the pain turns to comfort you will walk for miles, miles and miles

The world hears about what people are talking about
The news spreads like fire when they see you rise, rise, rise

They maybe look for ways to explain
They laid the dead but the dead was raised so….


You gotta go, go, go
And rise up from the ground
You gotta go, go, go
When the angel shouts

So, go….

You’re moving
Really moving
Getting younger
By the minute
You’re going
Really going

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