Album Release Party 6/21 – YORBA LINDA, CA

The official “Kid Heart” album release party is going on Friday, 6/21 in Yorba Linda, CA.



We Will Win – Lyrics

We will win, we will in the end

We will win in the end

We can’t lose, we can’t lose

We can’t lose, if we choose

We will win


We heard about giants around nine foot three

Dragging knuckles in the sand and legs like trees

But we’ll be all right


We got assigned behind enemy lines

If everyone gets it done and light still shines

Then we’ll make it alive


Because we will win, we will in the end

We will win in the end

We can’t lose, we can’t lose

We can’t lose, if we choose

We will win


We crashed through the gate around half past nine

Not a soul in town much less a giant

So we passed on through


The banging at the door and the tip of the spear

Must have been just the wind or some misplaced fear

Because we are freed by the Truth




God only knows if we got good motives

If our hearts are pure and our aim is true

God only knows when a piece of heaven

Will fall right down to the ground next to me and you


We got promoted in the blink of an eye

Got our uniforms dirty but our helmets stayed tight

So we’ll be all right


Matt Arcaini: Drum programming

Choir: TamraLamese Dozier, Jyvonne Haskin, and R. O’Hannon

DeReau K. Farrar: Background vocal arrangement

Eddie Harrison: Acoustic guitar

Goran Rista: Acoustic drums at Goran Grooves – Miami, Florida

RUBYZERO: Background vocals


70′s flashback – Shag Carpet

I remember having the ugliest shag carpet growing up. It wasn’t like the new stylish, modern rugs. The 70′s version was all multicolored with colors that don’t even match! One of the rooms had this green, brown, and white mix. Maybe the idea was to have your living room look like a forest?


Popcorn Ceiling? Or Surface of the Moon…

Any of you had or still have a popcorn ceiling? I would always look for faces or designs as I stared up at night.


CHiPs sunglasses. Did you have a pair?

This show was huge! Everyone had a pair of CHP sunglasses haha #kidheart


Want to go 50 mph on a Green Machine?


With a gigantic 45-inch front wheel that you can barely see over, and powered by an 80-cubic inch Harley-Davidson Evo Engine, the guys at Parker Brothers Choppers made it happen.

This brings back memories of the best Christmas I had growing up. Back when I was a kid, I remember seeing that Green Machine ad for the first time:


It looked like something from the future. I wondered if it came from outer space. I begged and begged my parents to get me this monster. All the cool kids in the neighborhood were getting them. Then one Christmas morning arrived. With fingers crossed I ran to the Xmas tree. A large rectangular box…could it be?? With that first tear of the wrapping paper, I spotted the color green! There it was…the Green Machine.


“Kid Heart” album receives “5 out of 5 stars”

Louder Than The Music, a UK music blog seems to get what I’m doing.  Check out the review:



Kid Heart Part 1

One great
I met you at the park

Rode on your handle bars
Until street lights turned on

Way far
Past dark
Don`t ride me home

Some day
I`ll replay
That ol` kid heart


When Love Comes Riding By (Hosanna)

 I thought I`d leak out a new tune on YouTube that is going to be on my upcoming second album.  I present to you When Love Comes Riding By (Hosanna).

Footage from the film Jesus of Nazareth.  The song will be available on my 2nd album due out in early 2013.

Music and Lyrics by ToddO
Copyright 2013 – Hemsililly Publishing (ASCAP)

What if Love was sent to our hometown
by God himself
to lend some help

Would we scatter branches from the trees
at His feet
when we see Love on our street

God save us
Unless the whole city shouts
The rocks would cry out

in the highest
What other words could we cry?
When Love comes riding by

And if we see the gathering at the gates
of some saints
(and some who ain`t)
I wonder if we`d join in the parade
or lead the way
in a few short days
When Love is betrayed

God save us
Unless the whole city shouts
The rocks would cry out

in the highest
What other words could we cry?
When Love comes riding by

The crowd
Is divided
Between the hearts forever closed
And the hearts that overflow
Would we…
Fall to our knees?
When nothing else seems right
When Love comes riding by…

And later on
When what`s done is done
When we write a song
How could we not sing…


Percussion by Travis Finnern, Electric Guitar Shea Taylor, Loop sample by Eddie Harrison, Programmed drums & strings by Matt Arcaini, Background vocal arrangements by DeReau K. Farrar, Choir vocals by TamraLamese Dozier, Jyvonne Haskin, and R. O`Hannon

Mixed by Lee Bridges

What does Johnny Cash, Stryper & Kevin Max all have in common?

Random Question? 
What do Johnny Cash, Stryper & Kevin Max all share in common?


Answer: Me!  I`m going to be on a compilation album due out March 5, 2013 produced by the Nashville Publicity Group. 

Here is the official line-up in order of appearance:

Kevin Max / Seek 

Manic Drive / Epic 

Propaganda / Raise the Banner 

Everlife / Coming Home 

Blessid Union of Souls / The Mission Field

Collin Raye / She`s With Me 

Kevin LeVar / A Heart That Forgives 

Joanne Cash (with Johnny Cash) / Softly & Tenderly 

Bryan Duncan / I Love You So 
Stryper / To Hell with the Devil 

Thirty-Nine Thoughts / Oh Yeah 

Noel McLeary / I`m Still Yours

ToddO / Freedom In You

Canopy Red / Wake Up 

Jason Eaton Band / Saving Grace

Madalyn McHugh / This Side of Love

Robbie Oster / One Chance
Altarmotive / You Are? 

Holly Spears / Where`d You Go   

Eternity Focus / Live the Lyrics 


The album will be available at all major digital retailers including iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, Rdio, Deezer, Xbox Music, Rhapsody, eMusic, simfy, Muve Music, MySpace Music, iHeartRadio, Nokia, MediaNet and VerveLife.